Hitting the Wall and Breaking Through


If you want to learn more about maintaining stamina and endurance, look to a marathon runner. They must overcome a known phenomenon referred to as “hitting the wall.”

This is a major drain in energy that typically happens at the 20th mile when a runner has exhausted all of his or her energy reserves and is simply physically incapable of going any further.

It is a depletion of glycogen and carbohydrates that affect muscle operation. The preventative measure is to take in a lot of starches and sugars shortly before a race, but often runners will hit the wall anyway despite their efforts.

Hitting the “proverbial” wall can apply to many things we do in our business as well. Maintaining “marketing endurance” is a challenge. Here are a few tips:

  • Watch the Walls. Be prepared to hit the walls a few times – because you will. Don’t give up and stare at the walls, watch them. This involves reviewing best practices in your industry, and learning from others’ mistakes and the walls they have hit. Keep updated on what is happening by joining social media communities, networking at events and local business meetings. Read business news that applies to you and your company.
  • Break Through the Walls. Don’t get discouraged when you hit a wall. Put action plans in place to break through using your strengths in marketing, PR and social media. If you don’t have these strengths, surround yourself with experts that do. Take a course, join a committee or attend a webinar or seminar that will help you build strength in areas you may be lacking.
  • Tear Down the Walls. You will find the right time and endurance to tear down a wall or two with a big idea. Perhaps you are ready to host a webinar, make a podcast or start a magazine or radio show? These are not that difficult to do once you find the right resources and methods that work best for you and your company. Maybe simply starting a small newsletter or blog can prepare you for a major tear down. Start small, but dream big and don’t be afraid of the walls.

Consider balancing traditional and digital marketing. Integrated marketing campaigns with a consistent message can generate the measurable results, which are essential to build your business and marketing strength quickly and effectively.

Whether there is a small hole in the wall to peak through or you knock it down, we’ll see you on the other side soon!