A Science Lesson in Social Media


With the proliferation of social media channels, the opportunities for referrals are endless. According to social media expert Brian Solis, we can left-brain compartmentalize and color code everything in its place in a trendy Conversation Prism.

At a multi-colored glance (careful, you may need your glasses!), you see nearly every instance of where you can blog to your heart’s content and also learn how to leverage content and multi-media online like the pros.

You even get a science lesson as you enter Twitter’s own ecosystem! You can discover the unique behaviors of its inhabitants. In a delicate balance, twitterers help to sustain one another in regular patterns of blogging and networking.

The origin of Twitter’s ecosystem will intrigue many and will also blow others’ minds. You need to understand the past in order to ‘follow’ the future of its system evolution. How better to do this than to discover Twitterverse?

Twitterverse also helps centralize communication and relationship management tools, incorporate trend analysis in your marketing, and find avenues for stream management and event coordination. And don’t forget the mobile stuff – techies will get lost in app after app.

Whether you prefer to climb the TweeTree or run with the Dingos or become a TweetDroider, there is an ecosystem within Twitter that is right for you and your followers. Joking aside, the Conversation Prism and Twitterverse are must-have guides to help you understand just what the heck is going on with online conversations.

Find the best practices for your business and industry and don’t forget to check out what’s happening in your city. Knowing the Local Chirps may help with building local awareness.